A Newbie’s Journey through the Self Publishing Jungle.

DIY Affiliate Soul Journey
3 min readAug 8, 2022

Hello to All. I am looking for comments. This is the description of my new book, soon to be released to the public.

Do You Like the Title? Let me know, please.

A Newbie’s Journey through the Self Publishing Jungle

How to Use MS Dictate Write A Book and Self Publish on Amazon

A Newbie’s Journey through the Self Publishing Jungle
Are you a Beginner? A New Author?
Willing to Learn?
How to Use Microsoft Dictate to Write A Book and Self-Publish using Kindle Create on Amazon.

When you were younger, were you taught? If you’re an Artist, Writer, or anything other than working a 9 to 5 job, you will suffer all your life. You go to school, get a job and work all your life not that way now. The Internet and Social Media Marketing and the countless new Apps and Online Software have levelled the playing field.

All my experience is self-taught. I did get an education, but times have changed!!

You need to get rid of that mindset and start to plug in the Universal energy that is all around us that flows by us like an everlasting river.

We are Narrators and Creators of our life. We all know the physical laws that dictate and govern our physical existence, such as the Law of Gravity and the Law of Motion. We know not to Jump Off a Cliff. We are taught this in School.

Yes, we are taught all the Laws that govern this physical realm (what is seen )(known), but what about the Laws that govern Energy, Universal Laws of Energy (some people sense it) ( the unknown)?

The Algorithm of our life is both the known and unknown. Just like making a cake, if you follow the directions and use the right ingredients, our cake will turn out soft, fluffy, and delicious.

This ebook is jam-packed with up-to-date and relevant information, all the tips, tricks and secrets I have learned in Self Publishing my first book. How to use Microsoft Word, Grammarly, Power Thesaurus, Kindle Create, Kindle Direct Publishing.

DIY Affiliate Soul Journey

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