Back to Basics Who Needs A Youtube Channel Trailer (Pst You Do)

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4 min readMar 7, 2021

It has been a crazy couple of months with everything that has been happening not only Online but in my personal life. I try not to get them confused but sometimes I am just Human Afterall

A Youtube Channel Trailer is the First Step in the Creation of your content on your Youtube Channel. This is what will introduce your audience to your content and it gives the first impression of what your channel is about.

Back to basics

The Purpose of this first video is to get people to subscribe to your Channel and I have put together a script you can use to do that.

✅1.Welcome people and be happy they have chosen to watch your video Welcome, Happy to See You Make sure to thank them for checking out your channel thank you for checking out my Channel #DIY_ Affiliate #Sharing_ Knowledge_ is _Free #DIY_Way

✅2. Ask a Question that is relevant to your channel Are you looking for ways to get on the fast track and grow your influence on All Social Media For Free? Add a photo made at Make the question short, sweet, and to the point.

✅3.Introduce yourself and tell people what value you can add to their business/Life Who I am I am Rochelle the DIY Affiliate and

✅3a.What you do that will benefit them I do step by step video tutorials easy to follow on Youtube WordPress, Video Marketing and Content Marketing that will answer most of your questions on these topics

✅3b. What is your background and experience on your channel I am a self-made Marketing Strategist and have many tips tricks and secrets I give away all on time. Created over 300 video Tutorials to Choose From

✅4. Tell them what to expect from your channel if you can show them some clips or use a personalized emoji to create more engagement In order to keep them engaged, they have to be entertained so adding clips gives them more of visual experience, and associations are made that would otherwise be missed. You can expect videos on building a greater online Presence Opening up a whole new world of creation using Content Buiding Apps and online tools that you can use On All Your devices (of course you would make it relevant to your channel)

DIY Affiliate Soul Journey

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