Creating A Targeted Path Organic Traffic)for A ClickBank Product (Sqribble)

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6 min readNov 30, 2020

Creating Targeted Paths and Choosing the Right Affiliate Network and the Right Merchant Product Introducing Sqribbe E-Book Creator Fast & Easy

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Affiliates Create Pathways to Solve Problems and Answer Questions for a Targeted Audience. What better way to answer to do this than creating an Ebook the Fastest Easiest Quickest Way Possible. Introducing Sqribble

What is Scribble and how does this matter to me as an Affiliate. A good question to ask yourself when you are looking for a product to Promote.

Answer to Question

Creates Amazing eBooks & Reports In 5 Minutes Without Typing Any Words! Become An Author, Educate, or Make Info Products Easy. No Design, Technical, Writing Skills. Instant Content. Easy To Use. Benefits: Easy To Use, 60 Second Creation, Instant Content.

The next question is What does this Merchant supply in the way of Banners Email Swipes videos and social media posts (How easy and accessible are these tools and can I use them easily to promote this product)

The next question what is the Gravity of this Product and how long has it been around ClickBank Gravity refers to the number of affiliates who earned a commission by promoting a particular vendor’s product(s). Therefore, if a publisher has a high gravity score, it means that the vendor has lots of affiliates earning money by promoting their product.(this will tell you two main things first how popular is this and what is the competition of this product. More Affiliate Promoting more competition as well. That being said the more competition the more likely people are more familiar with the product and your viewers more likely to buy from you. (If you have established a level of integrity and trust among your viewers)

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