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17 min readJan 6, 2022

This is a continuation of a novel I am writing and putting on Medium before publishing on Kindle Publishing Let me know what you think? You can find all previous chapters remember this is draft so can and will probably be changed at some point

Reba was working away on your story when all of a sudden she started to fill numbness in a right hand and then it was in her left hand. Reba stood up and looked around something was not right she was feeling very strange, Did she take her vitamins this morning or any other medication that could be causing this. Reba then decided to call her father and speak with him to relieve the tension of the numbness but as she was speaking to him it was coming on more her mind was going back to her first major panic attack. Before she could finish dialing the number she heard a faint sound.

At first it sounded like a knock at the door but when Reba went to answer there was nobody there then she was startled when the telephone rang “hello” she said looking at the caller ID and recognizing it to be Tom her boss’s son “are you home” that was a very strange question as he has called her number although it was possible she could have forwarded the number to another location

“Yes Tom I am home where are you”? standing up to see if Tom was parked in the driveway. Tom answered quickly "I was knocking on your door for almost 10 minutes. Reba sat back and motioned for Tom to come in and sit down. Reba realized it could have was the sound she was hearing. Her mind was feeling very fuzzy and she was confused but tried to act normal. As she always did .

These feelings have numbness and fuzziness had been happening to her for a while. The first time it happened she went to the hospital and was told after numerous tests that it was an inner ear problem and to take some gravel and decongestant allergy medication. It worked for a while every time she started to feel light-headed dizzy she would take this medication some feel better

“Reba” Tom was saying “can I come in “I have something I would like to talk to you about”. last in her confused that’s but trying to act normal said “Hey Tom come in”

Tom walked up to the door and knocked and then walked inside. He noticed all the plants on his…

DIY Affiliate Soul Journey

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