Twin Flame Journey: 7 Stages Unveiling the Hidden Truths Every Runner & Chaser Should Know!

Hello Gorgeous Souls This is Rochelle and Welcome to the DIY Affiliate’s Collective Soul Journey Awakening in the age of Aquarius New World A channel to help the collective gain knowledge and raise awareness towards accession

I have recently gone through an Awakening and Discovered my Own Soul Journey This Community is for people to post their own Soul Journey and help to wake up the collective and heal and become a Devine Feminine or Divine Masculine. Find your Twin flame or your soulmate if you resonate with the Gift of Awakening to the more Powerful Soul Manifesting.

I am grateful to share my knowledge with you and I give my talents happily and freely

Everything that I am about to teach to you is from my own experience and also doing tons of research to discern what is relevant and will help the collective souls in search of this knowledge. I am awake now on my soul journey alone normally a soul journey is with two people a divine feminine and a divine masculine ( Which only means souls that have gone through and awakening and discovered self love unconditional love and Purpose to their life)

Are You A Twin Flame? Do You Have A Twin Flame Or Are You Just seeing this for the first time? And Do You think You Might Have A Twin Flame? Let Me Know In The Comments Below.Any information you would like to share with the collective watching this video.

In this video I am talking to you about Soul Contracts Twin Flames Definition Meaning An Awakening to a Twin Flames Life Path The Purpose Of Twin Flames, A Brief Overview Of The Stages and a visual stimulation video for you and your twin flame.

This video is long but you will find the timestamps of moments in which you can jump to in order to get the information that are searching for.

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DIY Affiliate Soul Journey

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